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furnace and electrolytic refining are copper matte blister copper copper ... are stored in bins or slurry tanks prior to entering a series of agitator leach vessels.

Hydrometallurgy - Wikipedia

Hydrometallurgy is a technique within the field of extractive metallurgy the obtaining of metals ... Stirred tank also called agitation leaching involves contacting material ... The primary types of metal recovery processes are electrolysis gaseous ... Electrowinning and electrorefining respectively involve the recovery and...

Metallurgy - Refining Britannica

The procedure is accomplished in three ways: refining by fire by electrolytic or by ... or five-compartment autoclave each compartment containing an agitator. ... Higher-grade ores are treated by tank leaching which is carried out in two ways.

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SUMMARY OF KNOWN GOLD AND SILVER SMELTERS AND REFINERIES ... High value ores are treated by agitation leaching shown in Exhibit 4 to maximize ... leaching process and more cyanide may be added to the leaching tanks. ... A major source of precious metals from the copper industry is electrolytic cell slimes.

Smelting and Refining Operations

Most non-ferrous metals can also be refined by electrolysis. ... of smelting operations and is used in electrolytic refining and leaching of metals. ... Purifi ion is usually conducted in large agitation tanks. ... Because health concerns have been raised regarding exposures associated with electromagnetic power fields the...

Treating copper anode mud - American Smelting Refining

When anode mud is thus agitated with copper refining electrolyte or a ... a suitable tank or chamber in which the mud and the copper refining electrolyte or ... its condition is subjected to the leaching action of copper refining electrolyte or...

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Agitation - In metallurgy the act or state of being stirred or shaken mechanically ... Bio-leaching - A process for recovering metals from low-grade ores by dissolving ... Cathode - A rectangular plate of metal produced by electrolytic refining which is ... May be carried out in tanks inside a mill or in heaps of ore out of doors.

Electrowinning - Wikipedia

Electrowinning also called electroextraction is the electrodeposition of metals from their ores that have been put in solution via a process commonly referred to as leaching. Electrorefining uses a similar process to remove impurities from a metal. ... Electrowinning is the oldest industrial electrolytic process. The English...

Electro Copper Refining - Chemistry Elmhurst - Elmhurst College

An example where copper is further purified is at the Asarco electrolytic plant in ... in an electrolysis tank filled with a solution of sulfuric acid and copper II sulfate. ... relies on dump vat and agitation leaching using dilute sulfuric acid solutions.

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electromagnetic leaching agitating tank electrolytic refining